Jennifer Davidaz-Robinson and now-husband Tchad’s relationship may have gotten off to a slow start. But when they finally locked in a date, three-and-half-years after their first meeting and several attempts later, it progressed rather quickly. In fact, after dinner on their first date, Tchad took a chance and asked Jennifer to help him shop for a baby gift—for his best friend and eventual best man’s daughter, that is!On September 25, 2019, Jennifer and Tchad said « I do » at another historic venue: the Historic Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum in Malibu, a location they selected for its oceanside views, temperate weather, and proximity to their families.

The ocean and museum were amazing backdrops for the ceremony and reception, the venue was picturesque yet intimate and our guests enjoyed themselves—and their drinks!

Jennifer Davidaz-Robinson

The couple says their planner made the planning process « as painless as possible, » but admit that choosing the venue was the easiest decision they made. « It was love at first sight, » Jennifer says. That said, their dream location came with restrictions: « We were limited by the venue and had to stay within their guidelines, » adds the bride. Jennifer and Tchad were able to invite 135 guests, and they made sure to wow each one with details such as a formal invitation suite from Zola and individual place cards calligraphed on gold-painted oyster shells. »Our look was formal, classic, timeless, elegant, and clean, » describes the bride.

Jennifer called on Tadashi Shoji to create a custom wedding dress. The designer is close friends with Tchad so they worked closely to dream up a stunning gown featuring a strapless neckline of silk satin and a full skirt with a sweeping train. Jennifer’s bridesmaid Shawn Barton is a stylist, and she was also a huge part of the design process, helping Jenn select fabric swatches and conceptualize the gown before her first appointment. Vintage Cartier chandelier earrings and white pumps by Le Silla completed her chic bridal look. While not shown, Jennifer used a traditional Korean jewelry box, a gift from her mother, to hold her engagement ring and band the day of the wedding. 

Last but by no means least, the Water Room is a striking waterfront event space with a glass wall looking out over Walsh Bay and onwards to Sydney Harbour. It’s an adaptable open-plan expanse with double-height ceilings and sophisticated decor enhanced with state of the art event technology. 

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