Frequently asked questions

The Distillery Trail was created with the Distilleries du Québec and aims to share the richness of our distillers knowledge. In order to do so, the Distillery Trail offers a selection of distilleries where stories are to be told and discoveries to be made.

The map is available free of charge in all the distilleries participating. You can also download it here

All the distilleries listed on the trail are open to the public. Some offer the full tour including a tour of the production facilities, while others may only have a tasting room open to the public. Visit their websites to learn more.

Reservations are required to visit most distilleries. Verify directly with them before you visit!

The price of a tour or a tasting may vary from distillery to distillery, but most offer them for under $20.  

For the moment, no transport service is offered by the Distillery Trail. That said, we do encourage responsible drinking and the use of designated drivers. You may also request spittoons during your tastings.

Yes! Children are allowed in the distilleries.

Hours of operation vary from distilleries to distillery. We advise you to check directly with them!

Many of the distilleries are accessible to people with reduced mobility. You can always check with them directly. 

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